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Muminul Welcomed The New ICC Rules

Muminul welcomed the new ICC rules.The International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of cricket, has made five changes to the rules of cricket due to the coronavirus.

Bangladesh Test captain Mominul Haque has welcomed the change in the ICC’s temporary rules. Among the five rules of the ICC, spitting on the ball is prohibited. Coronavirus can spread infection through the use of saliva in the ball, so it has been banned by the ICC.

Muminul said, ‘Cricketers would have to adapt to the new ICC rules before the covid-19 vaccine could be discovered.Since we have nothing to do at this moment. As the risk of infection is high, we have to adapt to the new rules. Bowlers will be in trouble as they are not allowed to use saliva. It is difficult for them to shine the ball. In any case, you have to adapt for security.’

Muminul said, ‘We don’t know when the virus will go away.Urging everyone to adhere to the new rules to bring cricket back. So it is better to welcome the new rules. We need to be vigilant and secure. Because we don’t know how long we will be in this situation.’

The new ICC rules have corona replacement players. If a player is infected by a corona during a match, another player can be fielded instead. This rule only applies to tests. But Muminul is hesitant about this issue.

He added, ‘I don’t know how it will work.Sometimes it takes 3 days for these symptoms to appear and often Test matches end in 3 days.

However, I think if any player gets infected while playing Tests, that player and official will be sent to quarantine. So it is very important to test the players before the match.’

News Room, June 11,2020