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19 lakh 3 thousand meters of net seized in Chandpur

In 11 raids in Chandpur, 19 lakh 3 thousand meters of nets were seized.In the last 24 hours, Jatka conducted 11 operations in the last 24 hours to catch jatka in violation of government ban within the Chandpur maritime boundary. In this operation 19 lakh 3 thousand meters of current net was seized. The value of which is 3 crore 86 lakh taka.

These operations are being conducted by Magistrate, Naval Police, Coast Guard and Fisheries Department under the direction of Fisheries Department and Deputy Commissioner Anjana Khan Majlish.

According to the Chandpur District Fisheries Officer’s Office, they caught the net in the last 24 hours on April 22 in violation of the ban. The District and Upazila Task Force has conducted regular raids and mobile courts.

The executive magistrates, upazila executive officers and upazila assistant commissioners of the deputy commissioner’s office run these mobile courts.

Incidentally, at the time of the ban, the government has completely banned the procurement, transportation, stocking and sale of Jatka. However, some unscrupulous gangs have used various tactics to kill Jatka in the river.

During the ban on killing jatka, 51,190 registered fishermen in the district are being given rice at the rate of 40 kg. This food is being provided to the fishermen on the condition that they do not go down to catch fish including jatka in the river for 4 months from February to May.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, April 2021