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Nike Break Up With Neymar

Nike break up with Neymar.Neymar’s dream of winning the Champions League has been shattered again. For the first time in the final, he had to be satisfied with being runners-up. Then the world-famous sports manufacturer company Nike moved away from him. Neymar became Nike’s brand ambassador in 2011. It is known that the two sides are separating due to the inability to reach an agreement on the new agreement.

Nike’s contract with Neymar was until 2022. The contract was worth 105 million dollars. Nike representatives have been in talks with Neymar over the past few months to extend the deal. Neymar called for an increase in the amount of money, but Nike did not respond.

“Neymar is no longer Nike’s sports personality,” Nike spokesman Joss Benedict told AFP.

Since Nike’s departure, it has been rumored that Neymar may sign a deal with Puma, another world-renowned sporting goods company. Discussions have also started in this regard. However, the Puma authorities have not yet agreed to comment on the matter. Neymar became a world-class star while staying in Barcelona. That’s why PSG pulled him into the team with a record transfer fee. But after joining the French club, Neymar has damaged his brand for various reasons.

News Room, August 31,2020