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Expatriates Will Not Be Able To Enter Saudi Arabia

Expatriates will not be able to enter Saudi those are in holiday.According to the Saudi Passport Department, foreign nationals on leave outside Saudi Arabia will not be able to return to the country until the situation returns to normal.

This information was given by the Passport Department on Tuesday 23rd June. It said the process of renewing visas for re-entry of expatriates from outside Saudi Arabia would take place after the end of the coronavirus crisis.

Saudi Passport Department said in a statement on its Twitter account in response to questions from a number of expatriates whose current re-entry visas to Saudi Arabia had expired. They explored the possibility of returning to Saudi Arabia after launching international flights.

Saudi Passport Department said the return of expatriates on leave from Saudi Arabia would be done after the end of the Corona epidemic and in accordance with the valid re-entry visa process.

The Passport Department says any new decision or instruction in this regard will actually be officially announced on their official page.

It is noteworthy that Passport Department had earlier confirmed that online services would continue through the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Abshar and Mukim online portals.

Correspondent: Sagar Chowdhury, June 24,2020