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‘Alor Moshal’ Organization Is Cutting Ripe Paddy Of Farmers In Kachua

‘Alor Moshal’ organization is cutting the ripe paddy of the farmers in Kachua.If the farmer survives, the country will survive. All the people are under house arrest for fear of the deadly corona virus. Farmers are held hostage for fear of their lives even if the stomach loses. Farmers are worried about not being able to reap the ripe rice in the labor crisis. Early-season Erie-Boro rice harvesting has begun. However, despite the bumper yield of paddy, there is a crisis of paddy harvesting workers due to panic.

In this situation workers are helping farmers by cutting rice in areas of crisis. A voluntary social youth organization named ‘Alor Moshal’
of Kachua, Chandpur, is helping. At the same time, the organization is providing food assistance to the helpless and middle-class families in food crisis.

Volunteers of the ‘Aloar Moshal’ Youth Organization have voluntarily cut off 18 percent of the paddy land of Thakur Das, a troubled farmer of Doati village of Palakhal Model Union, upazila on Tuesday, April 21. Volunteers of the Organization are floating in praise of such exceptional initiatives.

Farmers took part in the rice harvesting activities, said the organization’s adviser Zakir Hossain, Omar Farooq Sayem, Abu Sayem Mridha, Mehedi Hasan, Noman, Sajjad, Borhan Miaji, Shahadat Hossain, Faim, Rakib and others.

Omar Farooq Sayem, president of the youth organization said, ‘Farmers are in a labor crisis due to the current situation. We have cut these crops because of the troubled farmer in view of humanitarian aspects.’

They said if any other farmer of Kachua needs to cut the paddy, we will try to respond sincerely if needed.

Their hotline contact number is 01777-979679. They called upon the youth and youth community to come forward with the help of the farmers at the moment of crisis.

Correspondent: Jishan Ahmed Nannu,April 21,2020