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Paris Saint-Germain Made History By Reaching Champions League Final

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) made history by reaching the final for the first time after losing to Leipzig in the semi-finals of the Champions League. PSG advanced to the final with a 3-0 win over Leipzig in the match that started at 1:00 am on Tuesday.

In the first half of the match, PSG took a long way towards the first final in their history. PSG scored two goals before the break by ruling Leipzig. Marquinhos first scored with a header from a free-kick by Angel Di Maria. After that goal in the 13th minute, in the 42nd minute, Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulaksi messed up again. He put the ball at the feet of PSG to build up the game from below. De Maria later scored from Neymar’s flick.

Neymar, however, could have scored himself before the first and second two goals. Neymar could not score at the very beginning of the match by going in front of the goal from the pass of Kylian Mbappé. Then he tried his best at the barpost. Later, the Brazilian shot a brilliant free-kick from the sideline and put the ball in the barpost.

Julian Nagelsmann dropped Emil Emil Forsberg and Patrik Schick early in the second half. Forsberg gave Leipzig some confidence in the set piece, but Ashajagania didn’t do much about it. On the contrary, with another goal in the 56th minute, PSG ended the possibility of Leipzig forever.

Neither Neymar nor Mbappé scored a goal. The two should not have any regrets about it. Neymar received his 24th assist in the Champions League. Since his Champions League debut in 2013, no other player in Europe has contributed so much to goals. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is at number two, has also made 20 assists in these 7 years.

For the first time since joining PSG in 2017, Neymar was eliminated in the second round after losing to Real. Neymar did not play in the second leg of the service. The next time he could not play a single leg with Manchester United. This time he is fit, the rest are also in good spirits. This team seems to be the answer to the dream of PSG.

PSG was established in 1970. Compared to that, Leipzig 2009. PSG has a history of winning League One 9 times. In comparison, Leipzig took the opportunity to play in the Bundesliga for the first time in 2016. They are also runners-up in the league. So the eyes of the whole football world were on PSG’s fight against this promising team.

News Room,August 19,2020