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ICC Postponed T20 World Cup Talks Until June 10

The ICC has postponed all discussions at the board meeting until June 10 following the issue of privacy. As a result, the final decision on the T20 World Cup will be delayed. In a statement, the highest body of cricket announced the postponement of the meeting.

Whether the T20 World Cup will be held on time due to the Covid-19 epidemic has been under discussion for some time. The ICC Major may have postponed the tournament, the ICC said on Wednesday. The decision was postponed on Thursday.

The boys’ T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Australia in October-November 2020. However, in the current situation, the global tournament will be ‘quite risky’, a board official told.

According to them, the chances of the T20 World Cup being postponed are quite strong.

The ICC was set to hold another teleconference on Thursday to discuss the World Twenty20. The next chairman of the ICC, the schedule of international cricket was also to be the subject of discussion. However, the issue of privacy has been brought there. The ICC said in a statement that some board representatives had recently raised the issue of privacy. They have talked about having maximum control in this regard.

The ICC said an independent inquiry would be launched into the matter. The ICC chief executive board will receive an update on June 10.

“The Board has requested the ICC management to continue discussions on alternative options due to the drastic changes in public health due to the Covid-19,” the statement said.

News Room,May 29,2020