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Python snakes recovered in Kachua

In the village of Avhaypara in Kachua, Chandpur, a python was suddenly found on the bank of the pond of Ismail Pradhania’s house.

On Wednesday, June 02, at around 1 pm, a young man named Manik from the village saw the snake and went to catch it. The snake went down to the nearby pond.

At that time, the locals threw a fishing net in the pond and after trying for about 2 hours, finally rescued the snake, which weighed about 8 kg and about 7 feet long, and packed it alive.

Yunus Munshi, a local UP member, said the snake was recovered and brought to the Avhaypara market by the locals. But where and how the snake came from is very mysterious. Crowds are now to see the snake after it was seized, he said.

DU student Shariful Islam Arash said, ‘It is very strange to rescue a python in a remote area. Since it is a state property it will be handed over to the administration. But the Upazila Animal Resources and Forest Department did not cooperate in rescuing or taking away the snake.’

Correspondent: Jisan Ahmed Nannu, June 02,2021