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Allocation of Rabi-Boro crop seeds in Chandpur

Allocation of seeds of Rabi crop including 1,623 MT boro in Chandpur. In the current Rabi season of 2021-22, 1,623 MT of boro paddy and other seeds have been allotted in 8 Upazilas of Chandpur. These seeds have already started reaching the market of the respective Upazilas through 135 dealers in all the Upazilas of the district.

This information was known by the office of the Assistant Director of the Seed Supply Center at Farm House, Chandpur.

According to the information received, Bri-Paddy seeds 925 MT, Bangla Jeera 520 MT, FIRH-230 MT, Mustard 3 MT, Wheat 30 MT, Khesari 6 MT, all types Vegetable seed 1.182 MT.

Bri-paddy is priced at TK 53 per kg, Bengali cumin at TK 220, FIRH-Rs 230, mustard at TK 100, and khesari at TK 73 per kg.

Of all the rice seeds, Bri R16, 28,29,55,84,58,92,96,89, and Bengali Jeera have been directed to be sold officially. The Chandpur Seed Distribution Center said that the authorized dealers of the markets of their respective Upazilas would sell the seeds to the farmers.

Most of the people in the Chandpur district, which has a population of 2.5 million, are mostly farmers. Paddy, wheat, potato, mustard jute, soybean, sugarcane, vegetables are the main crops of the Chandpur district.

Two projects named Chandpur Irrigation Project and Meghna-Dhanagoda Irrigation Project have 23,390 hectares of land in 4 Upazilas of the district Sadar, Faridganj, Matlab North, Haimchar.

“The allotted seeds have already started arriving in Chandpur,” said the Assistant Director (Seeds) of the District Seed Supply Center. Distribution among dealers is underway. Each packet has a fixed value-added. He requested the farmers to take a look at it at the time of purchase.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, October 24, 2021