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Real Madrid Closer To Title After Hard-Fought Victory With Granada

Real are closer to the title after a hard-fought victory with Granada.At the end of the match, Zinedine Zidane somehow let out a roar at the dug-out. He is usually cool personality even in times of extreme stress. This roar is a relief for Zidane. After leading by two goals in the 16th minute of the match, Real Madrid went a long way towards victory. But in the second half, Granada saved the match by paying one goal. In the end, Thibaut Courtois saved and Sergio Ramos’ goal line clearance did not allow Real Madrid to lose its way. Real Madrid went on to win the title with a ninth win over Granada. Real Madrid will take home the Spanish title for the 34th time with a win over Villarreal on Friday. Zidane can now done the roar!

Probably the most difficult test since La Liga resumed in June was Real Madrid at Granada. But at the beginning of the match there was no such indication. Real Madrid, however, defended in the end just like the champions. The Barca fans who were dreaming towards the match in Granada disappointed.

Real Madrid took the lead in the 10th minute of the match with a strange goal by Ferland Mendy. Entering the box, Mendy took a bullet speed shot from the byline to a nearby post. The Granada goalkeeper couldn’t stop that shot, Mendy got the first goal in Real Madrid jersey from almost zero degree angle.

Karim Benzema joined him five minutes later. He scored the 19th goal of the league and gave Real a two-goal lead in the blink of an eye. Benzema got the ball out of the Granada box after a great combination of Luka Modric and Isco in midfield. Benzema cut and went inside and hit the target once again with his right foot shot.

However, Benzema could have put Real ahead again in the first half. At that point, however, Granada goalkeeper Rui Silva saved Benzema’s shot at a nearby post. After the first half in Daputa, Real lost the game in five minutes of the second half.

Granada came under attack after Casimiro lost possession of the ball unnaturally in midfield. Darwin Machís entered the box on the left side with a great through pass. Thibaut Courtois conceive a goal after 5 matches. For Courtois, however, the most frustrating goal-scoring style. Machís shot went through Cortoia’s two-foot gap into Real’s net.

Real Madrid then focused more on pulling the reins of Granada. The Madrich-Tony Crusaders were great. Until 80 minutes, Granada could not spread fear in the defense of Real. However, with the passage of time, the attack on Granada intensified. Real scored twice in the 85th minute from one attack. Courtois made a great save for the first time, then Ramos returned Aziz’s shot from the goal line.

Zidane made only two changes in the whole match. Rodrigo and Marco Asensio came on in the 64th minute – Real’s speed increased in the attack. Eden Hazard was not in the squad. And Gareth Bale has once again added humor by making various gestures from the sidebench. For now, however, Zidane doesn’t care. The title is coming home!

News Room, july 14,2020