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As A Footballer Ronaldo Is First Billionaire

As a footballer Ronaldo is the first billionaire. Cristiano Ronaldo has touched the milestone of earning more than 1 billion as the first footballer. According to Forbes, Ronaldo has earned about 105 million dollars in the last one year. Through which the total income in his career so far has exceeded billions of dollars. Only two, golfer Tiger Woods and boxer Floyd Mayweather, had reached this milestone before him as the game continued.

He is the fourth highest paid person in the world in the last one year, according to Forbes on Thursday. His previous three positions were held by entertainment personality Kylie Jenner, Kanye West and tennis star Roger Federer. Lionel Messi is next to Ronaldo with an income of 104 million dollars. A few days ago, he lost to Federer at the top of the list of highest-earning players last year, this time he has to stay in the list below the arch-rival Ronaldo.

In addition to football, Ronaldo has earned this money through various other means. He also makes a lot of money through the CR7 Lifestyle brand, hotel chains and museums in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal. Ronaldo is also the person who earns the most money through advertising posts on social media Instagram.

News Room, June 05,2020