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Shankha Ghosh son of Chandpur passed away

Shankha Ghosh is no more. The veteran writer was attacked by Corona last week. He passed away at the age of 89.

Shakti-Sunil-Shankha-Utpal-Binoy, the other four members of this Panchpandab of Bengali poetry after Jibanananda have passed away long ago. This time Shankha Ghosh also embarked on the path of infinity.

Shankha Ghosh had been suffering from various physical problems due to old age for several months. He also had to be admitted to the hospital. However, he was undergoing treatment at home during the corona period.

His physical condition suddenly began to deteriorate on Tuesday, April 20 at night. He was given a ventilator on Wednesday, April 21 in the morning. But all the efforts of the doctors failed and the poet left. The ventilator was opened at 11:30 in the afternoon.

Born in 1932, Shankha Ghosh is a prominent Indian Bengali poet and literary critic. He is a prominent Rabindra expert. He is the successor of Rabindranath and Jibanananda Das in poetry. He is equally popular among the poets of Bengal.

News Room, April 21,2021