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Messi May Be Stay In Barca For Another Year

Messi may be stay in Barca for another year.Lionel Messi’s father and agent said on Wednesday that it was difficult for his son to stay at the Spanish club. Within twenty-four hours the situation changed dramatically. According to the Spanish media, Messi has indicated that he will stay at Barcelona.

Messi decided to break up with Barca by sending a Borofax (legal notice), but club officials refused to release him as a “free player”. The six-time Ballon d’Or-winning star will not be spared unless he has a 700 million contract until 2021. Because, according to the conditions, Messi did not announce to leave the club by June 10. The Argentine captain’s counter-argument was that football was closed for a long time due to Corona . As a result, the season ended much later. So August, not June, should be the end of the season. That’s why he has to be released as a ‘free player’.

Messi’s claim was rejected by Barca officials. La Liga also backed their decision, saying Messi would have to leave the club with 700 million euros, not a “free player”.

The father of the Argentine captain arrived in Barcelona from Rosario on a private plane on Wednesday to solve the problem. He had a 90-minute meeting with Barca President Josep Maria Bartomeu at noon. According to Spanish media reports, Bartomeu offered Messi a two-year deal. But Jorge Messi did not agree. The two are set to meet again this week.

News Room, September 04,2020