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Times Family Friendly Cricket Match on Victory Day

Happy Birthday Bangladesh.Today is the victory day of Bangladesh. Today Bangladesh turn in 49 years .On that day in 1971 Bangladesh Achieved a small corner of the world map.Break the chain of subjugation.Fear and fear of breaking.

The favorite homeland have the hundreds of barriers .But Still moving forward. ‘Chandpur Times’ family takes a unique initiative to Celebrate the birthday of Bangladesh.

The Friendly Cricket Tournament was held on Monday at the Chandpur Outer Stadium grounds with the members of Times family.Mostafa Kamal organize the event.

The tournament was divided into two teams of the Times family, ‘Chandpur Times’ and ‘Times Communication’.

The game starts at 8 in the morning . The captain of the two teams toss the coin first. After winning the toss, the captain of the ‘Chandpur Times’ decided to field first.

On the other hand, the captain of the ‘Times Communication’ lose the toss and went to bat. The game is in a total of 14 overs. ‘Times Communication’ batsmen play defensively from the beginning.

Times Communication lost 5 wickets for a total of 100 runs. Chasing the target, the ‘Chandpur Times’ batsman comfortably win the match. Just reached the target in 12 overs.

Correspondeent: Imtiaz Ahmed, December 16,2019