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46,037 people got vaccinated in Chandpur

Vaccine registration in Chandpur 60,181: vaccinated 46,037.In Chandpur, 60,181 people were registered for vaccination on the 23rd day till 2 pm on March 7. By that time, 46,037 people had been vaccinated in all the booths in Chandpur.

The control room of the Chandpur Civil Surgeon’s Office gave the information on March 7. According to the data, the total number of registered men and women in Chandpur till Sunday was 60,181. 48,037 people have been vaccinated. 14,144 people have not yet been vaccinated.

According to the information received from 8 Upazila Health Centers, District Police and approved booths in Chandpur, the number of men and women who have been vaccinated till March 7 is 48,037. As many as 748 people received the vaccine on Sunday, March 7, at 3 p.m.

Meanwhile, the second dose will be given from April, said Chandpur Civil Surgeon. Md. Safayet Ullah informed on Sunday afternoon.

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, March 07,2021