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Winter Inverted Public Life In Chandpur

In the five districts including Chandpur, severe winter inverted public life.In the severe winter, public life has become disastrous in many places of the country.

Labourer people are suffering. They could not work properly .

Apart from this winter intensity were also reported in Rajshahi, Kurigram, Chandpur and Kamalganj in Moulvibazar.

Cold diseases have appeared in these places. Children in particular are getting more sick.

Winter has increased due to continuous cold wave. Concerned public life in the cold and cold air.In the morning, everything is covered in fog. The sun doesn’t shown up til noon.

However the intensity of evening winter is more effective than the day’s winter.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 9 degrees Celsius in Rajshahi on Monday. The maximum temperature was 24 degrees. The humidity of the air this morning was 99 percent.

Saiful Islam Ferdous Deputy Director of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital said, ‘Many newborns are suffering from various diseases including pneumonia due to severe cold. In addition, patients suffering from various diseases like cold, diarrhea, indoor and outdoor are coming for treatment’.

Due to severe cold and dense fog for three to four days, ‘The movement of boats and road ways in various places of Chandpur is severely disrupted.As a result, the traveler has to suffer in extreme suffering.

The fog density was zero this week this week. Due to this, the launch of the headlight is delayed even after the scheduled hour.

Public life has been stagnant in Konkan in the northern district of Panchagarh. The lowest temperature in the country was recorded at Tetulia Weather Observation Center at 9 am on Monday morning.

The intensity of winter in Panchagarh is so high that for a few days, people are not getting out without the urgent need. The most suffering people in the district are suffering. Headlights were seen burning in the vehicles until noon due to severe fog.

Dense fog and humid breeze in the north are increasing the intensity of winter. The dew is falling like rain. Workers and the broken people have been exposed to extreme danger in the cold. The number of patients in the hospital is increasing day by day.

In the wake of the winter, more than 6 lacs people have been left in misery. According to the District Relief and Rehabilitation Department, so far 61,014 blankets have been distributed to the upazila level for the people of the district.

Officer-in-Charge of Rajarhat Agricultural Meteorological Office of Kurigram Subal Chandra Sarkar said that a moderate to moderate cold wave was flowing over Kurigram, which could lead to severe cold wave.

The weather was foggy on Monday.However there is more fog at dawn. People are lighting fire to prevent the severity of winter.

Tea workers and local lower income people are suffering more. The extreme cold is having trouble making them work. Temperatures in Srinagar were recorded at 11 degrees Celsius on that day.

News Room,january 14,2020