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Cultivation of winter vegetables in Kachua

The farmers of Kachua upazila in Chandpur have been busy in the field since the beginning of winter. Farmers have been involved in the cultivation of vegetables this year due to huge benefits of cultivating different types of vegetables during the winter season. Farmers have become interested in cultivating vegetables due to low yields and good prices of vegetables in the market. In addition to the vegetable field, many farmers are cultivating winter vegetables in the backyard.

In various villages especially in Bhuiyara, Ainpur, Gulbahar, Rahimanagar, Meghdaier and Sengua villages winter vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, bean, pumpkin, tomato,and Red Amaranth.Vegetables are being sent to different places of the country .

According to, the data of the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, the target of winter vegetables cultivation in 12 unions of the upazila this season was fixed on 490 hectares of land but this time the area was cultivated with 480 hectares. However if the weather is favorable,the target of vegetables production end of the season will double.

Monir Hossain, a vegetable farmer of Bhuiyara village said, ‘Every year we have cultivated various vegetables including cauliflower and cabbage. Demand for these vegetables produced due to the absence of pesticides. So the cost of cultivating winter vegetables is very low and it can be easily profitable.

Ali, a farmer from Seungua village told,”I cultivate vegetables every year.If i get vegetable prices this year, maybe in the future i’ll cultivate more vegetables.

Monir Hossain, a vegetable farmer in Ainpur village told, “This year i have cultivated different kinds of vegetables . Hopefully if we get a good price ,we will benefit a lot.

Farmer Abul Bashar said, ‘This year due to Cyclone,our crops are mostly damaged. Again I am planting new vegetable seed’.

Upazila agriculture officer Md. Tofael Hossain said, ‘Farmers were benefiting from winter vegetables. So this year target has been fulfilled’.

Reporter: Jisan Ahmed Nannu, Dec 25,2019