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World’s First Corona Patient Is A Shrimp Seller: Named Guisian

The world’s first corona patient is a shrimp seller: named Guisian.Novel coronavirus originating from China is now pervading the world. Spread over 199 countries and regions. In the meantime 6,68,000 people have been affected. Of them 31,017 died.

The number is jumping at every moment. But since the virus spreads from human to human body, people around the world are anxious to know who was first infected with the virus.

Finally the ‘Patient Zero’ patient was discovered.She is being identified in the world by this name. She is a 57-year-old woman. The name is ‘Wei Guisian’. In the city of Wuhan, China, she used to sell shrimp fish.She was the first Covid-19 in the world to suffer from the disease.

Wei Guisian became infected in December. About a month later, she returned home after treatment at the hospital.She recently said, “If the Chinese government had understood the dangers of coronavirus earlier, it would not have been a pandemic.”

The American Wall Street Journal reports that Wei Guyshein fell ill on December 10 when selling shrimp at the Hunan Sea food market. Thought it was cold, at first. There is no disease like the flu.She went to a local health center.She injected her there. But it did not cure the disease. Instead, she was very weak.She had an idea, not the flu.She is suffering from a more serious disease.

Wei went to Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan a day later. Still, her weakness has not diminished. On December 16, she went to Wuhan Union Hospital. Going there, many more have come from the seafood market. Each of them has the same symptoms as the disease.

According to a Chinese newspaper report, Wei was quarantined at the end of December. By then everyone had learned that coronavirus had invaded humankind.

About a third of the world’s people are now held hostage in the Corona terror. After China, the Corona pandemic has taken a serious turn in Italy, Spain, the United States, Iran, Germany, France and many other countries.

Italy and Spain have died many people. There are shops, markets, restaurants, bars, schools and colleges all stagnant, demoralized. Infection has spread from house to house. The hospital is growing crowded, morgue accumulating in the morgue. There is no man to perform the funeral. Troops are being burned out of the city.

News Room, March 29,2020