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Another Youth In North Matlab Of Chandpur Infected From Corona

Another youth in the north matlab of Chandpur infected from corona.Another youth, who came to Chandpur from Narayanganj, was reported to have suffered corona. The information was disclosed in a dependable source at the North Upazila Health Complex on Saturday, April 11.

However, the Upazila Health Complex authorities did not agree to give formal information to the media.

The 26-year-old is the son of Anarpur village of Durgapur union upazila. He worked in a private company in Narayanganj.

On April 07, the fever came home from the workplace with a cold cough.

On April 08, Upazila Health Complex authorities collected samples of the young man along with his brother and sent them to the IEDCR.

Later, on April 11, his Covid-19 report came out positive. However, his brother’s report comes out negative.

Corona report of the duo returning to Narayanganj in Chandpur district was positive. Their names have been preserved in the ‘Chandpur Times’ and have not been released under the direction of the Health Department.

Accordingly, last Thursday, the first coronary patient was identified in Matlab North Upazila of Chandpur district. The coronary patient and his wife were taken to the isolation of the Upazila Health Complex at around 1:15 pm that night.

The 32-year-old man paternal home was in Rangpur. He worked in a ganji hosiery adjacent to the Narayanganj Launch Ghat. On the evening of April 05, the Mahatlab of Chandpur returned to his mother-in-law’s house in the upazila of the upazila.

The next day after the report was published, on Friday, April 10, samples of 11 people whose were contacted by the affected youth (32) were collected.Of these, the upazila health complex includes doctors, lab technicians, ambulance drivers, family members are also the victims.

Matlab North Correspondent:April 11, 2020