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15 More Died In Corona, 266 Infected

15 more died in Corona, 266 infected.
Coronavirus epidemic kills 15 more people in last 24 hours. As a result, 75 people have died in the virus so far. 266 others have been identified as suffering from corona. As a result, the total number of victims stood at one thousand 838.

The information was reported in the Health Department’s regular health bulletin on Friday, April 17 at the Health Department’s Coronavirus. Online bulletin presented by the Director General of the Department of Health Dr. Nasima Sultana, Health Minister Zahid Malek and Director of IEDCR Dr. Mirzadi Sabrina Flora.

The Health Minister said that in the last 24 hours, 2 thousand 190 samples have been tested to detect Corona. Corona has been identified in the body of 266 more people. As a result, the total number of corona tract infections in the country has increased to 838. Fifteen people died in the infected patients. The death toll has risen to 75. Nine more of the victims were healed, resulting in a total of 58 people are return home.

The health minister said that every hospital in the country has oxygen. Which is more needed for coronavirus patient. However, more than 80 percent of corona patients do not require any treatment. Others may require oxygen support and some medicines.

Zahid Malek said there were 27 people taking ICU support across the country within a week. That is, about 1.8 percent of patients have ICU support. If 10,000 patients receive ICU support at this rate, then 180 ventilator support will be required.

IEDCR Director Dr. Flora said about 500 out of the 1,838 affected people are currently admitted. Of the victims, 68 percent are receiving treatment at home and 32 percent in hospital. However, all those who were admitted to the hospital did not need admission. Due to social pressure, they had to be admitted to the hospital without treatment. The World Health Organization’s guideline also states that anyone can seek medical treatment from home, which will reduce the pressure on the hospital.

He said that the prevalence of infection is higher among the patients affected in the country between the ages of 21-50 years. Of the total victims, 68 percent are men and 32 percent are women.

News Room, April 17,2020