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3 More People Died, New Detection 58

In the last 24 hours, another 3 people have died from the deadly coronavirus. Besides, 58 more have been identified. Corona death toll in this country is total 30. And the total number of victims stood at 482.

In addition, 3 more have been recovered from the attacks. The total of 36 people were at recovery level.

Health Minister Zahid Malek said this at a live briefing online after Saturday’s briefing. He said the number of victims was high in Mirpur, Basabo of Dhaka and Narayanganj. Corona has been infected in several districts from Narayanganj district.

If the lockdown is not effective in countering Corona, the number of victims may increase, she said.

Later on in the online briefing, the Director of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) gave more detailed information.

She said that 954 samples were tested in the last 24 hours. Corona has been identified in the body of 58 people of them. Flora also said that among the newly infected corona, there were 48 men and 10 women.

News Room, April 11,2020