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Must read about photography

Must read about photography.Many have learned to take pictures with the camera in their own hands to capture some favorite moments.However,you can learn the details of taking a picture from an educational institute. Now, there is also the opportunity to start a small workshop on photography in Bangladesh. Many people in the country are currently choosing the profession of the photographer and are also successful.Seeing the success of the elders,the number of people interested in studying photography is increasing day by day.Photography introduces students to one another beyond the bounds.
Dhaka University has the opportunity to study photography . Students who have completed H.S.C will be able to read in this section by participating admission test.

Apart from this, the subject of photography is also taught in various private institutions.Among these institutes are Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Counter Photo, Bangladesh Institute of Journalism and Electronic Media.

The Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, located in Dhanmondi the capital has a four-year BSS (Bachelor of Social Science) in photography course under Dhaka University. Apart from this,there are different courses from one month to three years.

The counter photo is located at Mirpur is a one year postgraduate diploma course under National University.There is one-year, two-month and six-month course, along with a one-year Mentorship course.And if you want to learn at home, there are different courses online.

photography is a practical matter altogether. But the reality is, at home you might learn to play the camera. Technical aspects such as photo frames, compositions or light projections may be learned to take pictures. But as a professional photographer, it is important to learn deeply about the principles of ethics education, photo-checking and photo analysis. Tanvir Murad, Head of Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute said, ‘The medical profession is also a practical one. Still, medical college students do internships to study practical work after a certain number of years of study. Photography is a lot like that. To be a responsible photographer it is necessary to have the theoretical and practical knowledge’.

But before studying photography, it is important to compromise with yourself. If you love the subject and have a lot of interest then you should consider studying and building a career.

This idea is not right when you need to have a good camera to study photography . Learning can begin with a very simple camera.

Counter Photo’s academic co-ordinator Riyadh Abedin said, ‘There is no need for a good camera in the beginning for learning. At the end of the day the camera is just a device. Interest is needed more than a good quality camera. If you are interested, it is possible to take good pictures with a simple camera’.

Nowadays mobile phones also have very good quality cameras. Mobile phones are not bad for folding hands.

Photography as a profession can be a very good decision. Because there are many types of work around photography. Photographers are being appointed in various government establishments.Besides,there are job opportunities in domestic and international magazines,television or media. There are also job opportunities for the photographer in various private organizations, corporate organizations, development agencies.

E-commerce business is now very popular in the country with the availability of internet. With the proliferation of such businesses, the demand for photographers has also increased. Because online business has to attract the customer through the product image. Photographers call for better quality pictures. And the thought of organizing any kind of ceremony, including marriage, birthday comes first in the name of the photographer. It is possible to earn a good income by photographing such events.

In addition, there are opportunities for documentary photographers worldwide. Competitions are organized from different countries every year for good quality pictures.

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