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Awareness meeting at Chandpur Hasan Ali Govt. High School

An environmental awareness meeting has held at the Hasan Ali Government High School in Chandpur on Monday, October 21, by the initiative of the Chandpur District Environment Department.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director of the District Environment Department, AHM, Rashed, and Mohammad Hossain, head teacher of Hasan Ali Government High School and Inspector Uttam Kumar of the District Environment Department. On the occasion, some of the students also expressed their thoughts about the environment in the meeting.

Deputy Director AHM, Rashed discussed various issues of environment pollution including air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution.

 He urged soft students to work to prevent such pollution. He also advised the students to stop using polythene shopping bags banned by the government, stop filling the reservoirs, protect the biodiversity, use horns everywhere to prevent noise pollution.

Mohammad Hossain, headmaster of Hasan Ali Govt. High School, advised the students to be careful about guarding around, including throwing garbage in the classroom without leaving garbage.Inspector Uttam Kumar of the Department of Environment stressed the need to keep their homes and surroundings clean.
During the exchange meeting, students vowed to keep their classrooms clean and aware of future environmental pollution. They collected the dirty papers in the living room in their classroom.
In the future, such environmental awareness meetings will continue to be organized by the District Environment Department.

Anwarul Haque, 21 Oct 20-19
Edit : Abdul Ghoni

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