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Battle Of Corona, We Are On field And Fighting  

Even though there is no training in the battle of Corona, we are on the field, fighting.In 1971, the liberation war of Bangladesh, the police of Bangladesh took up their arms. Even though there is no training in the battle of Corona, we are on the field, fighting. This time, the police have taken on another new war in 2020. We are on the field, we are fighting, even though the Bangladesh Police has no training in this war. On the eve of the departure, on Tuesday, April 14, during an online exchange with journalists, the Inspector General of Bangladesh Police (IGP) Mohammad Javed Patwary said this.

Regarding the role of the police in the current Corona situation, the IGP said that the police had been on the field since the first encounter with Corona. Police have been working to search the houses of the migrants who have returned from abroad. He has been working to create awareness even in walks, fields, ghats, mosques and temples across the country. One way to prevent the spread of corona is to stay in the room. To the countryside, I would like to say, you stay home, we are in the field for you.

He said that after getting the people’s phone, the police are now delivering food and medicines at the door. Many are dying whose relatives are not coming to the body. Police are burying their duties. Also many areas, many roads have been lockdown. No one is allowed to move there at the risk of coronation. Police are still standing on the streets.

“I have tried to make the police public with responsibility,” the IGP said. I think we’ve been very successful. Because at this critical moment you can see how the police are doing humanitarian work.

He said my target was that the police stations should be a place of trust. The OC of the police station should be the OC of the people. Now in many police stations there are banners like ‘OC of the people’, ‘Do not call me sir’ and so on. Osira has opened an app like ‘Hello OC’ and opened a help desk at the police station. For the first time during my duty, I called the OC of the police station at the police headquarters. I motivated them to serve the people. They have told me that no one has motivated them in this way before. When they returned to their police station there was a lot of change. Range DIGs, SPs have informed me that there has been a change in OCs.

Dr. Mohammad Javed Patwary also said that many people gave examples of policemen from different countries including England Police. I also wanted the image of Bangladesh Police to grow. I’ve worked with that goal from day one.

The big breakthrough is the ‘recruitment process’ and ‘999’.

Referring to the success of his career, the IGP said that the image of the police was really about recruitment, promotion and promotion. During my time I have been able to do this in a transparent and acceptable process. Now the policemen are beginning to believe that recruitment is promoted through merit.

Referring to the emergency services ‘999’ the IGP said, “Every day, we are receiving numerous calls to this number.” We have received two crore calls since its inception. We have helped over 58,00,000 people. Currently, there are twice as many phone calls in the days of corona outbreaks. We are assisting them by getting a call.

Responding to a question from reporters, the IGP said that every day in the life of the job faced new challenges. Like the Corona situation that is happening in the country now, 3 months ago, anyone thought that such a situation would happen now?

Police crime has increased steadily in the last 12 years, but the number of job deportation is only 1 percent. Is there any need for any other commission to investigate the crime of the police? Responding to such question, the IGP said, “I have been saying from the beginning that no one will take responsibility for the wrongdoing of a person.” In the last two years, action has been taken against those against whom we have been charged. In no way can anyone commit a crime.

About the formation of the commission, he said that since the police are a force, they have some rules and regulations to investigate if they commit a crime. They are being judged and punished accordingly.

The new IGP said to take responsibility from tomorrow. Responding to a question to reporters about Benazir Ahmed, the IGP said. Benazir Ahmed is a talented, capable and attentive police officer. I hope the police will work tirelessly under his able leadership.

He said Benazir was the DMP Commissioner, RAB was the Director General. One of my main objectives was to increase the image of the police, I hope he will work with it so that everyone thinks of Bangladesh Police as an example.

He was appointed as Inspector General of Police on 25 January,2018. He was promoted to senior secretary on June 03 of that year. Javed Patwary is retiring from Wednesday after a long service life. However, he was appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia for three years.

According to the Government Jobs Law, he has been appointed as Saudi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia on 15 April or after the termination of his post-retirement leave.

News Room, April 14,2020