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BGMEA’s 17 Page Instruction On Starting Garment Factory

BGMEA’s 17-page instruction on starting garment factory.The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) released a draft directive on Saturday, April 25, urging its members to follow the guidelines for operating garment factories in times of coronavirus crisis.

In an 17-page directive, the BGMEA initially called on employers to hire workers living near the factory. The company also advised workers who had recently returned from the village not to be allowed to enter the factory until the fight against Corona was over.

The BGMEA said the factories may decide to partially open their finishing, sample and swing sections at an early stage. To ensure socially safe distance, the company called on employers to follow a shifting system in the workplace of workers.

It is also suggested to start and close the factories early in the morning, suspend unnecessary movement inside the factory, stop using biometric (fingerprint) system for attendance and make separate arrangements for those engaged in loading and unloading of goods. .

Everyone inside the factories has to wear a mask. The BGMEA has suggested that measures such as hand washing at the entrances of factories, spraying of disinfectants on shoes and vehicles and scanning of body temperature should be taken.

If a worker develops coronavirus symptoms, employers are urged to give them leave. In addition, those who have gone into self-isolation after experiencing corona disease should have a paycheck. The BGMEA also called on employers to encourage workers to stay home if they develop coronavirus-like symptoms in their families.

The government announced on April 23 that the general holiday would be extended to May 5 and allowed the owners to operate the factory on a limited scale to maintain the safety and hygiene of the workers.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, April 26,2020