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City People Obey Lockdown But Countryside Are Not

City people obey Lockdown but countryside are not.Cumilla was declared lockdown from three o’clock Friday afternoon, but lockdown was not tolerated in several areas. Although public awareness has already been created in the district, there is still no lockdown in many areas outside the district.

UNO announced the lockdown of Muradnagar’s Boligarh on Friday before the entire district lockdown. But on Saturday, the area still looks like it.

Locals directed by the district and Upazila administration, locals said, “We are trying, but the public cannot be made aware.”

Vehicles are moving on the road from ‘Boligar to Ghazi Hut’. In Gazi, people are seen in front of the crowd even more. Earlier, traffic was banned from passing the fence at Bolighar village but it was also alleged that a young man was disbanded and they behaved in a ruthless manner. Many of the locals did not agree to terrorize Corona.

However, Bangara Bazar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Kamruzzaman Talukder said police were working in the field day and night in public awareness.

Correspondent: Jahangir Alam Imrul, April 11,2020