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Coronavirus Outbreak Rises To 3772: 10 More Died

Coronavirus outbreak rises to 3772: 10 more died.Coronavirus in the country killed another 10 in the last 24 hours. The virus killed 120 people. 390 more people have been identified as the victims. As a result,total 3 thousand and 772 people have been infected with coronavirus.

The information was reported in the Health Department’s regular health bulletin on Wednesday, April 22, at the Health Department’s Coronavirus. Online bulletin presented by the Director General of the Department of Health Dr. Nasima Sultana, Director General of CMSD, Brigadier General Dr. Md. Shahidullah.

At the beginning, Dr. Md. Shahidullah provided information on receiving and distributing medical supplies, including PPE. At the presentation of the bulletin, all were urged to stay home and follow the health department’s advice to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection.

The coronavirus, which spread from China in late December, is now raging all over the world. Although the situation in China has recovered somewhat, it is now severely suffering from Europe, America and other regions of the world, including Asia. The virus has infected more than 2.5 million and 65,000 people worldwide. The number of dead has exceeded one lakh and 77 thousand. However, about seven lakhs patients have already recovered.

News Room,April 22,2020