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Cumilla District Declared Lock Down

Cumilla district has finally been declared lockdown to prevent the Corona virus outbreak. Cumilla Deputy Commissioner Md. Abul Fazal Mir made the announcement at 3:00 pm on Friday.

The Cumilla district commissioner said in a public statement that the Cumilla district was banned from fighting the deadly Corona virus in light of the decision of a meeting of the Cumilla District Committee to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus on Friday.

Public access to and exit from this district has been banned from Friday. No one will be able to enter this district or travel from this district to any other district on the national and regional roads / highways and waterways until further instructions. This restriction will also apply to inter-district traffic within the district.

Besides, all kinds of mass transit and public meetings will be closed. However, emergency services, medical services, agricultural products, food supplies and collections, etc. will be excluded.

The interconnection of other districts over the Cumilla district using Dhaka-Chittagong Highway and National and Regional Highways will be excluded from this lockdown. Access and exit of vehicles will be closed along any boundary of the district and upazila.

The order issued in the public interest will take effect from Friday and will remain in force until further orders. It also mentioned that legal action would be taken against the disobedience of the order.

Correspondent: Jahangir Alam Imrul, April 10,2020