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Rain May Increase: Cyclone ‘Amphan May Come

Rain may increase: Cyclone ‘Amphan may come.Rain is likely to increase in most parts of the country, including the capital, on Friday. There may also be gusts of wind and thunder. This trend of rain may continue for the next few days. Rainfall is likely to be heavy, especially in the southern and central parts of the country.

Meanwhile, a cyclone is coming in the Bay of Bengal. His name is ‘Amphan’. This has been said in the forecast of the Meteorological Department.

It rained in different parts of the country including the capital on Thursday. On this day, one millimeter of rain fell in the capital from six in the morning to six in the evening. Compared to that, the rainfall has been better in other parts of the country.

The Bangladesh government’s Flood Forecasting and Warning Center said a depression would form near the Andaman Sea by Thursday. Which will turn into a cyclone Amphan in two-three days.

But it did not happen yesterday. There is no guarantee that today will be Friday. Meteorologists say that is the type of weather. Something can be said with 100% certainty. Just talk about the possibilities.

A special bulletin from the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center for Cyclone Amphan said a low pressure area could form near the South Andaman Sea and the Nicobar Islands around April 30. In the next 48 hours, that is, on Saturday, it could turn into a cyclone. It could hit the Cox’s Bazar-Chittagong coast between Myanmar and Bangladesh between May 3 and 5.

Heavy rains are likely in Chittagong and Barisal divisions of Bangladesh from May 5 to 7 due to cyclone Amphan. At the same time, there may be higher tidal water than usual. Other parts of the country may also receive moderate to heavy rains.

Shahinul Islam, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Department, said rain could increase on Friday. And a depression could form in the Andaman Sea between Friday and Saturday. It has all the signs of turning into a cyclone.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, May 1,2020