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Cyclone Amphan: Chance Of 24 Districts Including Chandpur

Cyclone Amphan: Chance of 24 districts including Chandpur.Cyclone Amphan, which is located in the southeastern Bay of Bengal and adjoining southwestern Bay of Bengal, is moving slightly northwest and is located in the same area.

A meteorologist said the cyclone could affect Bangladesh next Tuesday or Wednesday.

In this case, special agricultural meteorological advice has been given in view of the potentially dangerous weather. This suggestion is from Bagerhat, Bandarban, Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Chandpur, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Comilla, Feni, Gopalganj, Jessore, Jhalokati, Khagrachhari, Khulna, Madaripur, Munshiganj, Narail, Noakhali, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Pirojpur Applicable to.

These 24 districts are likely to experience strong winds and light to heavy rains due to the cyclone from May 19 to 21. Strong winds and heavy rainfall can affect standing crops. The following emergency meteorological advice has been given to protect against cyclone damage.

When the boro paddy is 80 percent mature, collect it quickly.

If the collected crop cannot be transported, pile it and cover it with polythene sheet so that it is not damaged due to wind and heavy rains.

Collect ripe vegetables and fruits quickly.

Refrain from applying pesticides.

Raise the isle of boro paddy land to protect it from the flow of water.

Keep the drain clean so that water does not accumulate in the soil.

Keep all farm products in a safe place.

Tie a sugarcane bush. Arrange holidays for bananas and other horticultural crops and vegetables.

Surround the pond with nets. In heavy rains, the fish should not float in the water.

Keep cattle and poultry in a dry and safe place.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department has asked the country’s seaports to display local warning signal number 4.This means that the seaport is in a whirlwind. At the same time, the possible speed of the wind is 51 to 61 kilometers per hour. However, the time has not yet come to make the final preparations for the cyclone.

Weather Desk, May 17,2020