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Cyclone May Occur In Bay Of Bengal

Cyclone may occur in Bay Of Bengal.The Bay of Bengal has become turbulent. Low pressure has formed in the southeastern part of the sea and the adjoining southern Andaman Sea area.

Earlier it was in the form of obvious light pressure. Periodically it condenses and can turn into a deep depression in that area. Eventually it could turn into a cyclone, weather and environmental experts said.

Experts say the current situation suggests it could turn into a cyclone at any time after Saturday evening. In that case, it could cross the coast on May 20 or 21 anywhere in the Sundarbans part of West Bengal, starting from Orissa in India.

Meteorologist Muhammad Abul Kalam said that for this reason, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra seaports have been asked to display remote warning signal number 1.

The Meteorological Department (BMD) issued a notification in this regard on Friday. The low was located at 1350 km south-southwest of Chittagong seaport, 1275 km south-southwest of Cox’s Bazar seaport, 1335 km south of Mongla seaport and 1290 km south of Payra seaport at 12 noon on Friday.

It further said that the depression may become more concentrated and move north-west. Within 44 kilometers of the center of depression, the maximum sustained wind speed is 40 kilometers per hour, increasing to 50 kilometers in the form of gusts or gusty winds. The sea is rough near the center of depression.

BUET Water and Flood Management Institute Professor AKM Saiful Islam said if it eventually turned into a cyclone, the surroundings would be understood from Saturday afternoon onwards. Computer models say that if the depression turns into a cyclone, it could move towards Visakhapatnam in Orissa. However, the center of the cyclone rotates counterclockwise. As such, it may run towards the Sundarbans part of West Bengal.

He said the government is keeping an eye on it. In the event of a cyclone, people should be taken to the cyclone shelter immediately and arrangements should be made to follow the hygiene rules of the corona in this case. Volunteer forces need to be prepared for health workers and cyclones.

News Room,May 16,2020