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Foods that will eliminate dehydration during fasting

The fast has already started. As the daytime increases, so does the temperature of the sun. It is very normal to be dehydrated during fasting time. For this, not only water but also water-rich food should be eaten in Iftar and Sehri. Find out what you can do to stay cool, get rid of dehydration, and stay healthy even in the scorching heat of the sun.

Lemon juice will prevent dehydration by eliminating fatigue throughout the day. As well as digestion, this drink will also increase immunity. Lemon juice contains a lot of citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin, etc. to prevent infectious diseases.

Dehydration occurs in the body during fasting. Watermelon is very useful in filling the dehydration in the body. Eat one slice of watermelon in Iftar. You can also eat ice watermelon juice. Watermelon contains 92 percent water.

So playing watermelon easily quenches the thirst for water. Watermelon is a watery fruit and is actually quite useful.

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. There is no substitute for bananas to overcome dehydration and weakness.

Eating a banana in Iftar will meet the water needs of the body just as energy can be obtained.

Cucumis melo is full of water. It is rich in vitamin C, sugar, and a little carotene. In iftar, Cucumis melo is very beneficial for health. It can be kept as a salad or juice. This fruit helps to keep the body temperature perfect.

Cucumbers contain About 98 percent of water. So put cucumber on the Iftar as a salad. You can also put lettuce with cucumber in the salad. Lettuce also contains 98 percent water. You can also eat cucumber juice. Cucumber easily brings freshness to the body and mind.

Tomatoes contain about 94 percent of water. You can eat tomatoes in different ways including salad, soup, and juice. Eating tomatoes satisfies the body’s need for vitamins and minerals, as well as water.