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Depending On Situation Holyday Period May Extend

Depending on the situation, the holiday period may extend a few days.A 10-day leave from the government-private office is underway till April 04 to combat the coronavirus. But depending on the situation, the holiday period may be extended for a few days. A responsible official of the cabinet department today said on Monday, March 30, that a decision could be reached on Tuesday.

Asked about this, Minister of State for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said, “Depending on the situation, the holiday may be extended. But we do not know yet.

Government sources say the holiday could be extended for seven more days. Later, the next to-do will be fixed as needed.

Earlier, the government had declared a holiday from March 26 to April 04.

Of these, March 26 was Independence Day and the next two days were weekly holidays on Friday and Saturday. The government announced public holiday from yesterday (March 29) to April 2. And with the weekly holidays on April 03 and 04, the whole country will be on a 10-day holiday.

The first coronavirus patient was diagnosed on March 08 in the country. According to the latest data, 49 patients have been identified so far. Five of them died. The government has taken several instructions and decisions this month to combat coronavirus. Along with the holidays, all the educational institutions have been closed till April 09, which may increase further. The HSC and equivalent examinations have been postponed from April 01.

Public transport will be closed throughout the country from March 26 to April 04. However, trucks, covered vans, medicines, emergency services, fuel, transport of decomposed goods will be excluded from the ban. No passengers can be transported in freight vehicles. The passenger ferry will be closed from March 24 until further notice.

However, the ferry will be limited in scope for ambulance or required crossing. Passenger train movement is also closed. However, freight and freight trains will be limited. Unless further instructions are given, all flights on the domestic route have been stopped. International flights are also limited in flight. Only flights to London, China and Hong Kong. However, London flight will be closed from 12 pm on Monday. Traveling from Bangladesh to India has been stopped till April 15.

Armed forces have come down from March 24 to assist the civil administration in combating the situation. Field administration, law enforcement and the armed forces are working in the field to ensure social distance between people. They have been told to refrain from going out without need. All social, political, religious gatherings have been banned. Even praying at home and praying has been requested. Banking period has been limited from 10 am to 12am.

However, holidays will not apply to healthcare, newspapers and other urgent work. Other industries, institutions, markets, shops and shops will operate under their own management. Emergency transport such as trucks, cargo, ambulances and newspaper cars will operate normally. Hotels and bakeries will be open. Essential goods store will be open.Shopping centre and the court should be closed.

News Room, March 30,2020