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‘More than 4 crore students in country affected by closure of educational institutions’

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says more than 4 crore students in the country have been affected by the closure of educational institutions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to them, the longer the educational institutions remain closed, the more the number of dropouts will increase. As a result, the organization demanded to open the educational institution quickly.

A report published by the UNICEF on Tuesday, August 24 provides such information.

According to the report, more than four crore students in Bangladesh from pre-primary to higher education level have been affected as a result of the closure of educational institutions during the entire pandemic. The longer children stay out of school, the greater the risk of child labor, and child marriage. This will reduce their chances of returning to school.

Corona was identified in Bangladesh on March 8 last year. The government announced the closure of all educational institutions in the country from March 17 last year to prevent the spread of the virus. Later it was increased in stages till 31st August.

Meanwhile, psychiatrists believe that the closure of educational institutions for a long time could have a negative impact on students, especially children.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also expressed concern over the issue more than once. She also said that necessary steps will be taken to open educational institutions quickly.

Tomo Hozumi, UNICEF Representative in Bangladesh, said: “It is important for us to prioritize the reopening of schools safely and the investment to compensate the most vulnerable for education,” he added.

Citing World Bank estimates, UNICEF said, “If the solution is not implemented, the future income of this entire generation of students will be about 10 trillion.”

According to UNICEF, before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020, the schools of 16 crore 80 lakh students worldwide were completely closed for 79 days (excluding holidays). Schools were closed for almost a year after the pandemic began.

In the report, UNICEF called on the government to open schools for education as soon as possible and to take comprehensive measures to help students recover from the loss of education.

News Room, August 24,2021