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Famine is knocking on the door: Selima Rahman

BNP standing committee member Selima Rahman thinks that famine is knocking on door.

She said that whenever Awami League comes, misrule and famine come. When you see today – Bangladesh has become paralyzed due to misrule and famine.

Famine is knocking on our door. Commodity prices skyrocket today. Ordinary people cannot eat.Thousands of young people are unemployed.

The BNP standing committee member made the remarks at a discussion meeting at noon on Friday (November 27).

Abdus Salam Hall at the National Press Club, Dr. This discussion meeting was held on the occasion of the 34th death anniversary of Dr. Shamsul Haque Khan Milon the then Joint General Secretary of the BMA.

Criticizing the statement of Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, Selima Rahman said, ‘The general secretary of the present Awami League coalition government is giving everything to the BNP in words – BNP cannot move, BNP is dying, BNP is coming to an end and so on. I say, if the BNP is over – why are you so worried? Why are you thinking so much? No reason. In fact, you are afraid, you are afraid of the Zia family.’

Highlighting Khaleda Zia’s physical condition, Selima Rahman said that the country’s leader is under house arrest today. He did not get bail, he was not granted bail despite being eligible for bail. The judiciary is completely under the present government. Begum Khaleda Zia has been held captive to keep her away from politics.

“Currently, our leader is Tareq Rahman, who is running the BNP, who is restructuring the various organs of the party,” she said.

Under his supervision, youth groups, volunteer groups, student groups, women’s groups are all being reorganized in a new way. The BNP has turned around again. Thousands of our leaders and activists are in jail today, suffering in cases, being abducted and murdered. Despite all this, the BNP could not remove the BNP from the minds of its leaders and workers. The more they tried to torture, the more the morale of the nationalist forces was awakened.

News Room,November 27,2020