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Special Flight With US Citizens Leave Dhaka

Special flight with US citizens leaves Dhaka.special flight with US citizens leaves Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 6 pm on Monday (March 30th). The United States is returning 269 US citizens on special flights to Bangladesh in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The United States Department of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy in Dhaka arrange a special flight to take back the citizens of Bangladesh. The flight will fly from Dhaka to Doha at Washington DC’s Dallas International Airport.

Embassies said US citizens on the flight were returning home at their own expense. Those who could not pay the ticket immediately were written, they will pay the ticket price back home.

A meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday (March 24th) on the protection of foreign diplomats and their family members in Dhaka’s Corona situation. The US ambassador to the US, Earl Robert Miller, called for the return of Americans on special flights in the circumstances arising out of the meeting.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, March 30,2020