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Government Has Banned Exit From Home After 6 pm

Government has banned exit from home after 6 pm.In order to cope with the outbreak of coronavirus, the general leave period has been extended till April 25. Until this time, the government has also banned the departure after 6:00 pm.

The ban was issued on Friday by a public ministry ministry notification. It said legal action would be taken if disobeying this directive.

According to the notification, general holidays were announced on April 15 and 16, and from April 19 to 23, in line with the previous holidays. Weekly holidays will be connected from April 17-18 and April 24-25 during the general holidays.

The order stated that the holidays described would not be considered like other ordinary holidays, the order also stated that the instructions to be strictly followed during this holiday.

1. People must stay home to prevent coronavirus infection.

2. All were urged not to leave the house unless there was an urgent need.

3. No one can get out of the room after 7pm. Disobeying this directive will take legal action.

4. The movement from one area to another was strictly restricted.

5. All officers working at the department, district, upazila, union level will have to stay in their respective workplaces to fulfill their duties.

The order states that this arrangement will not apply to emergency services (electricity, water, gas, fire services, cleanliness, telephone and Internet, etc.).

It added that transportation of agricultural commodities, fertilizers, pesticides, fuels, newspapers, food, industrial products, medical equipment, emergency and urgent products and raw markets, food, medicine shops and hospitals would be outside the holidays.

The order also said that the office could be opened in case of emergency. If necessary, the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and export oriented industries will be able to continue.

The Ministry of Public Administration also said that vehicles, rail, bus services, including rickshaw-vans, will be introduced in phases for the benefit of people’s lives.

Considering the needs of the people, the Bangladesh Bank will give necessary instructions for the continuation of banking system in limited form.

News Room, April 10,2020