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Government Will Buy Another 2 Lakh Tonnes Of Boro Paddy

The government will buy another 2 lakh tonnes of boro paddy.In addition to the target for the current Boro season, another 200,000 MT. The government will buy tons of paddy. A letter has been sent to the director general of the food department from the food ministry on Sunday, May 10, setting additional targets.

At a meeting of the Food Planning and Containment Committee on April 30, it was decided to purchase 1.95 million tonnes of paddy and rice in Boro. At the same time, the committee decided to buy more paddy rice subject to the warehouse being empty.

According to the decision of the Food Planning and Containment Committee, in the current boro season at the rate of Tk. 26 per kg 8 lakh MT of rice,TK. 36 per kg at 10 lakh MT. One and a half lakh tonnes of cooked rice is to be bought at the rate of Tk. 35 per kg. Now due to the increase of two lakh tonnes of paddy, the collection of paddy will be 10 lakh MT. The amount of paddy and rice will be 21 lakh and 50 thousand MT.

Boro paddy has been bought since April 26. Rice collection has started from May 07. Rice collection will end on August 31.

Of the additional 200,000 MT of paddy, 40,057 MT from Rangpur Division and 39,829 MT from Rajshahi Division. 55 thousand and 105 MT from Dhaka division. 23 thousand and 446 MT from Khulna division.21 thousand and 634 MT from Chittagong division.15 thousand and 608 MT from Sylhet division.4 thousand and 291 MT will be purchased from Barisal division.

Dhaka Bureau Chief,May 11,2020