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Today is historic mass uprising day

Today, January 24, is the historic mass uprising day of 1971, one of the major milestones of the Bengali nation’s freedom movement.

This mass uprising took place in the context of the six-point program known as the National Liberation Certificate for the oppressed people and later the 11-point program given by the student society.

Various political, social and cultural organizations have taken various programs on the occasion of the day. The program includes tributes at Shaheed Matiur Memorial (Nabakumar Institute, Bakshibazar, Dhaka) and discussion meetings and cultural programs.

This unprecedented mass uprising took place on 24 January with the spontaneous participation of people of all walks of life in Dhaka through mourning on 21, 22 and 23 January after the martyrdom of Shaheed Asad, the hero of the historic 20 January, 1969 uprising. Along the path of this mass uprising, the Bengali nation achieved great freedom through a bloody armed liberation war.

News Room, January 24,2021