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IFA Suggests For Shab-e-Barat Prayers At Home

IFA Suggests for Shab-e-Barat prayers at home.The Islamic Foundation (IFA) has called on devout Muslims to offer prayers and prayers at the holy shabat on Thursday, April 09 to avoid the risk of contagious coronavirus.

The call was made in a press release signed by the Foundation’s Director General (Additional Secretary) Anis Mahmood on Saturday, April 4th.

It said that to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country, the government has declared a public holiday in all public and private offices and educational institutions. The public has been banned from leaving the house without urgent need. All social, political and religious gatherings have been banned.

‘All are strictly instructed to observe the home quarantine. The Islamic Foundation has also called for limiting the participation of Muslims in the mosque in Jumma and five-fold obligatory prayers. Aju, Nafl and circumcised prayers have been requested at the house. ‘

On behalf of IFA, it was stated that the coronavirus gave directional statement on the Prime Minister and the declaration made by the World Health Organization on Thursday night for the protection and safety of the citizens of the country in this crisis situation. Requesting

Earlier, such a call was also made for the observance of the sacred Shab-e-meraj on March 22 other night.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, April 04,2020