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In Last 24 Hours 2 More People Identified

2 more people have identified in the last 24 hours. 6 more people were healed. The total number of coronary patients in the country is 51. And 25 people were healed. The information was given at the IEDCR briefing today. The sample has been tested for 140 people, the total has been tested for 1602 people.

On Tuesday, March 31, the director of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) of the Health Department said. Mirzadi Sabrina told this information in an online briefing on Flora Coronavirus. Dr. briefing at the beginning of the world situation. Flora. It is important to stay home and protect against coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the ongoing leave to prevent infection with coronavirus (Covid-19) was further increased. The government has also declared a general holiday from April 05 to April 09. With this, the holidays are held up to 11 April. State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said the order was announced to declare a holiday from April 05 to 09 after the Prime Minister’s announcement.

Minister said, “The Prime Minister has cleared the holiday. According to his announcement, the holidays will be from April 06 to 09. The holiday notification will be issued today or tomorrow. ‘

At the briefing, Flora said that 140 more samples had been tested in the last 24 hours. Of those who have undergone a new test, two have been identified as having coronary disease.

Dr. Flora briefing at the beginning of the world situation.She said, ‘It is important to stay home and protect against coronavirus.’

Coronavirus, which has spread from China, has affected more than 785,000 people in 199 countries and regions of the world. Of them, about 37,820 people died. However, more than 165,000 people returned home.

Coronavirus was first detected in Bangladesh on March 08. Thereafter, infections increased day by day. As of last time, the number of people affected by coronas in Bangladesh is 51 and 5 have died. Besides, 25 people returned home healthy.

The government announced a general holiday from March 26 to April 04 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It has now been extended to 11 April.

During the holidays, public transport was disrupted in the office and court. Raw markets, food, medicine shops, hospitals, emergency services are out of the closure. Armed forces have also been deployed to house the people.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, March 31,2020