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loan disbursement in Chandpur

In two months, TK. 19 crore loan disbursement in Chandpur

In two months, TK. 19.50 crore loan disbursement in Chandpur. In 8 Upazilas of Chandpur, 6 state-owned and 24 private banks have disbursed loans of Tk. 19 crores 66 lakh 33 thousand in the agriculture and poverty alleviation sector till July-August of 2021-22. There is an allocation of Tk. 345.63 crore.

A report given at the meeting of the district agricultural loan committee in Chandpur on September 26 revealed the matter. Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner Anjana Khan Majlish presided over the meeting.

According to the regional office of the concerned bank, through 20 branches of Sonali Bank in the two months of July-August, 36 lakh 79 thousand taka, through 21 branches of Agrani Bank 59 lakh 7 thousand taka, 15 lakh 15 thousand taka through 15 branches of Janata Bank, 12 crore 33 lakh 23 thousand taka through 28 branches of Krishi Bank, 1 crore 50 lakh 70 thousand taka through 4 branches of Karmasangsthan Bank, 50 lakh 53 thousand taka through Rupali Bank through 50 Basic Bank distributed the loan.

24 private banks in the district have also distributed Tk. 4 crores 20 lakh 36 thousand loan.

Meanwhile, in the branches of those banks, in the fiscal year 2021-22, they have collected Tk. 15.73 crore from various classified customers in two months.

Besides, 460 crores 97 lakh 86 thousand taka is due as arrears in the agriculture, poverty alleviation and other sectors of the district. The amount of expired loans in the banks is 67 crore 18 lakh 74 thousand taka.

An official of Agrani Bank said, “Agrani Bank is in constant touch with its customers to collect various categories of loans. As the bank officials are collecting the loan, they are also providing the loan immediately.”

Correspondent: Abdul Ghoni, September 28,2021