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If Image Of Government Is Tarnished Measures Will Be Taken

Through social media if the image of the government is tarnished measures will be taken.The Ministry of Public Administration has issued instructions to government officials and employees on the use of social media. The Ministry of Public Administration issued a circular on Thursday, May 07.

Government employees have been instructed to refrain from using social media to post anything that tarnishes the image of the government. Even if you comment, like and share such posts, action will be taken against the concerned employees according to the law.

A guideline issued by the Ministry of Public Administration warns of a further set of prohibitions on employees in the ‘Guidelines for the Use of Social Media in Government Institutions, 2019 (Revised Edition)’.

The circular said government employees were being asked to refrain from posting anything that was “disrespectful to a nationally important person, organization or any other service or profession”.

It calls on government officials to refrain from uploading, liking or sharing any post, photo, audio or video containing ‘negative comments about another state or state important person’. The circular asks employees of all government ministries, departments or agencies to follow certain guidelines in using social media.

It states, “Employees will be held responsible for the misuse of social media or for the harmful content of their own accounts” – and legal action will be taken against them.

The circular signed by Kazi Mohammad Saiful Islam, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, further said that everyone should be careful in “content and friend selection” through social media.

The circular contains a total of eight directives – refraining from disseminating information that tarnishes the image of the government or the state, contradicts national unity and consciousness, hurts religious sentiments, creates controversy over gender inequality, causes public dissatisfaction, or is baseless, untrue and obscene.

A cartoonist and a writer were arrested on Tuesday on charges of spreading coronavirus through social media and against the government.

In early April, law enforcement said 50 people had been detained in various parts of the country in a crackdown on rumors. In addition, during the recent outbreak of coronavirus, doctors and nurses expressed their frustration and frustration through social media about the mismanagement of hospitals, the PPE crisis for doctors, and the inadequacy of tests.

After that, one restriction after another was imposed by the health department. Punitive action was also taken against some doctors and nurses.

Dhaka Bureau Chief, May 08,2020