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Miking rally for saving Mother Elisha in Haimchar

A Miking rally has been organized to visit the`Mother Elisha Raksha Expedition’ organized by Bangladesh Scout Highchar College Branch at Chandpur’s Haimchair in the slogan’Keep the hilsa off in the main breeding season from Oct 9 to Oct 30′.

‘Upazila Parishad chairman Nur Hossain presided over the inauguration of the miking rally at the inauguration of the Ma Elish rally at the Haimchar Upazila Parishad premises on Wednesday Oct 2 at 8 am.

He said, “We ‘ll protect our wealth from this. If Hilsa is protected, the country will earn foreign currency by exporting Hilsa. An egg gives 2o million eggs. If the eggs are protected, the Padma and Meghna ‘ll be equal to water and fish. ‘

Among others,office in-charge of the police said. Zahirul Islam Khan, Principa Manowar Hossain, Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer. Mizanur Rahman.

Miking Realty ended at Chamvairabi Jaliyarchar, Hiramchar Fish Ghat, Amtali, Himachar Bazar, Taili and Katakhali upazilas of Himarchar upazila.

Md. Ismail, Oct 2, 2019
Edited : Abdul Ghoni

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