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‘Mokhlesur’ the oldest man of the country

Mokhlesur Rahman has claimed himself as the old man of the country. He is a resident of Manpal village of Laksham upazila in Comilla. Mokhlesur Rahman was born in the late nineteenth century.

Mokhlesur Rahman claims he is 123 years old. His wife also lived like a hundred years. When he got married, he was 26 years old, his wife was 7 years old. They have three sons and three daughters in their married life. He is spending his days in misery.

Mokhlesur Rahman said, ‘I am now 123 years old.I was Poor that’s why i couldn’t study.I Have worked hard all my life. Worked in Assam of India in 1348 brngali year. He was 38/40 years old during the British-Japanese War. His friends were Fazal Rahman Mollah, Abdul Karim, Abdul Gafur of the village.They died 30 years ago. Now I am old, I cannot work.

It is to be noted that on January 18,2017 news was published with Mokhlesur Rahman and his wife.The Department of Social Services then gave his wife Rahima Neesha an adult allowance card.His wife died last year.Manpal village resident Uttarda UP panel chairman Belal Hossain said, ‘Mokhlesur Rahman is the oldest man in the area’.

News Room,December 28,2019