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Nurul Islam

Nurul Islam joins Headteacher of Sirajul Haque Hajra HS

Nurul Islam joined the post of a headteacher of Sirajul Haque Hazra High School, adjacent to Munsirhat Bazar in Matlab South Upazila. He was an Assistant Teacher of English in JB Pilot High School in Matalbaganj.

The school is being completely renovated in a pleasant environment on the north side of Munshirhat Bazar in the south. Under his leadership,the school will begin its operation on Jan 1,2020.

Mohammad Nurul Islam was born in the village of Kaladi in Matlab. He passed SSC from Shahatli High School in 1966 , HSC from Matlab College and BA in 1970 . In 1974, Matlab joined JB as an assistant teacher for the first time as a teacher. Later, he got his BED degree from Dhaka TT College in 1984.

He retired from the teaching profession on 1 February 2012 and later joined the Bardiya High School as an English subject teacher and later joined the school as the head teacher. He is personally the father of two sons and two daughters.

Accordingly, on Friday, February 22,the headmaster of Siddheshb-e-Ri Balika High School, Dhaka, and inaugurated the girl’s school, Md. Sahabuddin Ahmed.The girl’s school is set up very close to Munshirhat High School and a crowded area.

London-based Chartat Accountant Md.Sirajul Haque Hajra donated .22 dicimal landowner’s school in his own personal initiative to spread women’s education in the area. Currently there is a building with 5 rooms. From now on, all its necessary activities will continue.

Prominent industrialist, London expatriate and renowned Chartat Accountant Md. Sirajul Haque Hazra is going to set up the school with his own funding to promote the education of the poor and helpless families of the area. The main aim of the establishment is to educate the girls.

Among others present at the inauguration were Munshirhat College Principal MA Abdul Malek, Mutlob South Mayor Mohammad Aulad Hossain Liton, Munsirhat High School Principal Md. People

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