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Onion price increase again

Onion price increase again.There is no relief in vegetables.Onion prices have risen again in the capital markets.During the week,onion prices have risen by around taka 40 per kg. Meanwhile, winter vegetables are abundant in the market but price are not comforting to consumers.Though the supply of vegetables increase, but the prices of some vegetables increase during the week.

The information is found on Friday in various markets of Karwan Bazar, Rampura, Malibag, Hajipara areas.

The onion prices increased abnormally due to the closure of India’s exports on September 29.The onion reached a record 250 taka.However, after the arrival of new local onion on market, prices have dropped a bit.Within a few weeks,new domestic onions were being sold in the markets of the capital at taka 100 per kg.

But now onions are not available in any market for 100 taka. New domestic onion is being sold for 140 to 150 taka per kg. in the market.

Traders sadi, ‘onion prices have jumped over the course of the week, adding that the supply of new domestic onions has declined in the market. Because of this, the price has risen again’.

Nawab Ali, a trader in the karwan bazar, said that the supply of domestic onions has declined due to the farmers having started raising earlier due to higher prices.This is why prices have risen. Onion prices may rise further in front of the situation.

Rubel Mia, a businessman in Khilgaon, said, ‘For a few weeks, we have sold the new local onion at taka 100 per kg. But now onions in Sham Bazar, the price of the onion is taka 120. It is not possible to bring these onions and sell them for under taka 140.If the prices are low at wholesale market, we will reduce the prices of onions again’.

Meanwhile, the price of vegetables is not comforting with the onion surge. As per last week, the market and various bitter melon are being sold at taka 80-100 per kg. Local ripe tomatoes are selling for taka 60-80 per kg.

The prices of beans, cauliflower, cabbage, radish and carrots have increased slightly in this week. Bean is being sold at Tk. 40-50, which was last week at Tk. 30-40.And the carrots at taka 50 per kg.

Among the vegetables that remained unchanged for the week, the new potato was sold at Tk 30-40, papaya 30-35 taka, radish 20-30 Taka, turnips 30-40 Taka, eggplant 40-50 taka per kg.

News Room, January 02,2020