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GPA-5 is poisoning the lives of children

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, ‘GPA-5 insanity is poisoning the lives of children.For this purpose the plan is GPA-4 to the highest level of CGPA results from next year’.

Regarding the insanity of GPA-5, the education minister said, ‘This madness is also poisoning the children’s lives with extreme disgrace.GPA-5 may not be the only goal of life.It should be taken out of the head.

“The less we talk about GPA-5, the better for our students, the better for the education system,” she added. The madness of GPA-5 is poisoning the entire education life of children.

The education minister also added, ‘The pressure on the children will increase day by day.Incredible amount of pressure on children. The pressure of getting GPA-5 from the family and friend side, it has to be stopped’.

She said, ‘The GPA-5 system should actually be taken out.It should be noted whether our students are learning,learning happily or helping to develop dormant talent’.

Stating that the new directive will be implemented in education. she said, ‘The Prime Minister also gave some guidance. It would be great if you could launch the year ahead. We asked if we could do it this year. If you can do this year it will be too much haste.It is not advisable to make a hasty change. We’ll probably start next year’.

News Room,Dec 31,2019