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Students want half fare on all public transport without any condition

The agitating students have termed the notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges as ‘unrealistic’ by fixing half fare for students in private buses on five conditions.

They say they want half fare on all types of public transport in the country without any condition.

Students told on Monday that the government had issued a notification enforcing half-fare, which was good. However, the notification must be unconditional. Otherwise, We will continue the movement.

Sohagi Samia, a student of Khilgaon Model College, who led the 11-point demand for safe roads, told: “The state cannot give any condition to the people. Aren’t we students after 8 pm? We demanded half fare on all public transport, not just buses. We want a gazette for students that will talk about half-fares, not just in metropolitan cities, but on public transport across the country.”

In the safe road movement of 2016, the students agitated demanding 9 points. This time, after the increase in the price of fuel oil, they started a movement from November 18 to demand half fare for the students.

State University student Inzamul Haque Ramim, who led the 9-point demand movement, said, “We want 24-hour half-rent every day throughout the year. The job Recruitment exam is held every weekend. Students take part in these exams.

Private universities conduct evening classes till 9 pm. That is why such a gazette is unrealistic.”

He said half the fare should be applicable for all public transport including buses, trains, launches, and metro rail across the country.

The five conditions that have been issued for fixing half fare for private buses operating in all metropolitan cities of the country are: 50% less than the existing fare.

Students will be able to pay the half fare (concessional fare) for private buses from 7 am to 8 pm, the half fare will not be applicable on educational institution holidays and half fare will not be effective on long-distance buses.

News Room, December 13, 2021