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Public transport on the road after 22 days

After being closed for 22 days, public transport has been re-launched today. According to the government’s decision, buses have started plying in all districts, including the capital Dhaka, with half the passengers and increased fares from dawn on Thursday, May 06. However, inter-district public transport is closed. Public transport has been closed since April 14, the day the government imposed a strict ban in the form of a lockdown.

According to the government notification, only district vehicles will be able to move in the district. Inter-district public transport has been stopped to avoid corona infection. At the same time, passenger trains and boats are closed.

Several areas of the capital have been visited since morning, with passengers waiting for buses. Especially those who go out on the street in the morning to go to the office are waiting for the bus. Also the passenger pressure is a bit less. The buses were seen carrying passengers leaving one of the two seats vacant.

Mamun, the driver of Dishari Paribahan, said that there were many problems with our family due to the lockdown. Now we have the opportunity to run the bus. We are and will be transporting passengers in compliance with hygiene rules.

Besides, buses of several routes have been seen transporting passengers one by one in two seats as per government instructions. Transport drivers and helpers are not getting a chance to pick up extra passengers as the passenger pressure is a bit less since morning.

Meanwhile, neither the transport owners nor any of the workers’ organizations were seen to see if the hygiene rules were being followed.

The directive for half-passenger and increased fares will remain in force till May 16. The next decision will be made when the Corona situation returns to normal.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has issued five guidelines for public transport on the road.

The BRTA guidelines are:

# Inter-district public transport will be closed.

# In no way can more than half (50%) of the total number of seats mentioned in the registration certificate of the concerned motor vehicle be carried.

# No additional charges can be levied on the adjusted rent (60% increase of the existing rent)

# The car needs to be disinfected with disinfectant at the beginning and end of the trip.

# Transportation-related motor vehicle drivers, other workers, employees and passengers must wear mandatory masks and use hand sanitizers.

News Room, May 06,2021